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TwistiCity: Our Story

Do you say Twisticity, or do you say TwistiCity?  YES!

TwistiCity began in 2013 when my then 13-year-old aspiring-artist son asked how he could make money by selling his art.  As a street performer, I knew I could draw a small crowd making balloons, and he could draw people's requests for tips.  One Chicago street-performer's license later, and we were in business- twisting and drawing for tips.  As one thing led to another, I began getting requests to do parties and events. and soon... TwistiCity was born! I joined forces with my super-talented daughter Anna, and our balloon repertoire grew dramatically as well as the types of places we perform...Birthday Parties, Block Parties, Farmer's Markets, Park District events, Street Festivals. Anna, who is a natural with kids, has blossomed into a top-notch face painter.  My son Isaac is now giving Anna and I a run for our money with his huge repertoire, speed and exceptional people skills. I have returned to my roots as a children's musician and created  "Mr. Scott's Amazing Musical Backpack" which I've been able to perform hundreds of times now. With the addition of Mr Scott' Giant Bubble Show, and our DJ services, we are able to offer a fantastic variety of family-friendly entertainment options for your next party.
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Scott, Anna, and Isaac