Balloon Twisting FAQ

What is the cost? 
The rate is 150/hr per artist with a one hour minimum. Adding half hours is fine.

How many creations can be made in an hour?
That can vary according to the complexity of the requests, but on average, around 25 per hour.
What do you make?  

We have a huge repertoire of animals, superheroes, princesses, play weapons like swords and lasers. We entertain challenges when possible.  Generally, we let each kid choose whatever they like.
How many balloon artists can you provide at once?
We have three professionals in-house and a network of other great artists to draw from.
Do balloons pop? 
Yes! They can.  They are balloons after all.  We are able to make repairs and replacements while on duty.
What are the balloons made of?  

They are 100 percent natural latex from rubber trees and thus biodegradable.  They purportedly break down quicker than oak leaves. Take care to dispose of broken ones.
What’s a good age range for balloons?

3 to 103.  Like with most toys, close parental supervision is vitally important for children under 3.  Do not let kids bite balloons.  They can pop creating a potential choking hazard. 

Face Painting FAQ

What is the cost?
The rate is 150/hr per artist with a one hour minimum. Adding half hours is fine.
How many face painters can you provide at once?
We have one professional in-house and a network of other great artists to draw from.

What kind of paints do you use for face paint?
We mainly use TAG brand face paint, sometime Wolfe brand. All paints used are specifically for face painting.
Is the paint okay for sensitive skin?

The paint is hypoallergenic and as a painter who has sensitive skin and never had a reaction to the paint, I can say it’s never been a problem for me. However, we can’t guarantee your child won’t have a reaction to it so asking to do a patch test on the arm or maybe just abstaining could be a good idea. Just to be safe.
Does the paint stain the skin?

The paint may leave a slight tint for a day or too, especially darker colors like dark red or green. However, it’s very faint and doesn’t last long.
What age range is best for paint?

We recommend ages 3 and up, younger kids often don’t sit still but our painter may be willing to attempt it if your child sits still. If they are too little for it, it’s okay! There’s other fun things they can do at the party and maybe when they’re a little older this will be something they enjoy. We don’t want face painting to be a traumatic experience for your child so forcing the paint is never recommended.
How many faces can you paint in an hour?

We can get around 20-30 faces painted in an hour. With more time or fewer faces, the painting can be a bit more detailed.
What do you need from us to set up?

Nothing! The painter brings their own table, chair and supplies so you just need to set aside some space where there’s room for a small table, a chair, and then an area for a line to form.
Do you paint adults?

Yes! There’s no age limit for paint. We just ask that you let the little ones go first and, please, don’t ask for anything inappropriate or political out of respect to the painters.

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